Access and Security System Contal Nova

With the Contal Nova access and security system, you will have a complete overview of the movement of persons on your premises. To control and oversee who is moving in your company could not be easier than with Contal Nova.

The Contal Nova Access and Security System is a means to manage and monitor the movement of persons within the premises of your company. In the Contal Nova System you divide the area into several zones with varying rules of access. Based on this division, you will give access rights to people. If you add detectors and other security elements, the Contal Nova System will become a fully-fledged security system. Nobody will enter a place they should not be.

Server Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Edition
Klient Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

A System That Lacks Nothing

  • Unlimited number of zones of access  and number of users
  • Support for so-called anti-passback zones
  • Completely configurated administration
  • Detailed archive of all events in the system
  • Integration into 3rd-party systems
  • Creation of active schemes from materials
Contal karta Contal karta


is equipped with our highest safety standards. This one and only tool will suffice to manage all our solutions.


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We have the right tools for ensuring the safety of your company.

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