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Complying with Health and Safety Regulations has never been easier. With Contal Timetec Production, your machines will be operated by qualified employees only. You, in turn, will have a complete overview of the movement of your employees at their workplace. The safety as well as the effectiveness of production will be increased.

Contal Timetec Production keeps a real time record of your employees’ arrival and leaving their workstation. Along with technical information about the production, this system will show you occasional deficiencies in quality. It will never happen again that a machine is operated by a non-qualified employee. At the same time, compliance with the Health and Safety Regulations will be ensured.

Server Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Edition
Klient Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

A System That Lacks Nothing

  • Automatic record of coming and leaving of the workplace
  • Contactless continual reading of identification cards
  • Integration into the attendance system
  • Operation of machines and tools conditioned by qualifications
  • Online web display of progress on the production lines
  • Automatic control of employee qualifications
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is equipped with our highest safety standards. This one and only tool will suffice to manage all our solutions.

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