Our company Innovation and tradition since 1991

CONTAL OK, spol. s r.o. is a company focused on the development, production and implementation of systems for identification. The company is divided into two main divisions. The first one involves the development, production and implementation of systems for identification for clients on the Slovak market. The portfolio of products for this domestic market mainly encompasses systems monitoring access, attendance, visitors as well as systems for canteens. Our new product in this realm is a system for the registration of employees in production. The second division of the company encompasses the development and production of alarm and security systems for the global market. Thanks to our history, products developed and made in Slovakia are becoming more and more successful in Scandinavia. The goal of the company CONTAL OK spol. s r. o. is to have a share in the constant growth of identification technology to satisfy the needs of our clients while still bringing them tailored solutions.

Solutions for modern companies

The company CONTAL OK is a reliable partner that will help you win on several fronts. Our weapons include quality systems for identification that will help you stay aware of what’s happening in your company. In our portfolio, you can find independently functioning systems monitoring attendance, access, visitors or systems used in canteens. Their mutual connection brings a synergistic effect of centralized control over what happens in your company. Protect your fortress with our alarm and security systems, which will help you secure the tangible as well as intangible assets of your company.

Production. Development. Implementation.

The company CONTAL OK actively contributes to the development of identification technologies and provides concrete solutions. We work with our own hardware and software and we have a share in drawing up the project and bringing it to reality. Our team of experienced developers, designers and testers is focused on creating products of superb quality. We insist on quality that will help you overcome the challenges of the business world. In our work, we use the latest technologies and we cooperate with reliable partners.

Tradition from Scandinavia, Innovation from Slovakia

The company CONTAL OK has been on the market since 1991. At that time, the sole proprietor was the Swedish company CONTAL AB based in Gothenburg. As of 2019, the company is now owned by the Slovak company HOUR. Our systems combine Swedish reliability with Slovak innovation and ideas. What are the results? Complex solutions that will help you bring order to your company.

The company CONTAL OK was founded on March 29, 1991 as a private company with a 100% foreign equity participation. At the time of its founding the sole founder and proprietor was a Swedish company named Contal AB, Gothenburg. Currently, the company is owned by a Slovak company called HOUR. 

  • 1991 Founding of the company
  • 1993 Development and production of security systems
  • 2000 Sales and Development departments for the domestic market
  • 2003 Development of systems for attendance, visitors as well as systems for canteens
  • 2009 Development of new access and security system
  • 2015 Expansion of the Sales Department
  • 2019 Slovak company HOUR becomes the new proprietor of CONTAL OK

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