Is Your Identification Card Safe?

When choosing the attendance or access system suitable for you, one of the most important criteria is choosing a suitable identification card. There are several ID cards currently in use in the field of HR and building security in Slovakia, but not all of them are equally safe. The most frequently used technology still in use is the so-called read-only cards. These cards have a solid identification ability, which is impossible to change. The problem, however, is the identifiers on these cards are very easy to copy.

There are other technologies that dramatically increase the overall security of the solutions they form a part of. These technologies allow you to write your own identifier or information into the memory of the card. The writing of the information is only possible with a key that you can create or ask your supplier to give it to you. You then use reading keys to read the card. This system highly ensures the safe encrypted transfer of information from the identification card into the software application. What’s more, these cards are multi-app, which means that they write information into several sectors of the card’s memory and consequently allow several applications to read the data independently.

Today, companies perform internal and external safety audits that test the protection of tangible as well as intangible assets. This concerns the development of various appliances, components, etc. It is therefore crucial to ask yourself: is the ID card I am using truly safe?

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