Note on change of the owner of the company

On April 27, 2019 the company HOUR became the new owner of the company Contal OK. This step was preceded by a long, intensive cooperation in the field of identification systems for HR as well as in the field of ensuring the safety of buildings.

“The acquisition of Contal OK is a logical step in our long-time cooperation,” 

said Rastislav Wölcz, Director of the strategy and development at HOUR.

Thanks to the merger with HOUR, Contal OK can continue producing identification systems and offer their customers innovative solutions, quality software and reliable services.

“For Contal OK, the arrival of a strategic partner is an impulse for further growth and for further loyalty to our customers,” 

said Ján Nízky, CEO of Contal OK.

This step will also give both companies higher flexibility when reacting to the changing market, and will allow them to expand the use of identification technologies into other fields as well.

The long-standing cooperation which resulted in the merger of our companies provides solid ground for the further development of our products.

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